Testament of Motobu Choyu Sensei

1 This aged man has nothing to leave the world--nothing but the abilities I myself inherited.

I have raised Wakamatsu (young pine) and Wakatake (young bamboo). May their trunks and branches flourish as they grow with the years.


note: "Wakamatsu" refers to Motobu Chomo sensei, "Wakatake" to Uehara Seikichi sensei.

3 The hawk is ensnared by bird-limed string. Though unharmed, why can it not take flight?
4 Like young bamboo swaying by the wind, the true waza is to react with suppleness and lightness.
5 As digging reveals the depths of a pine's roots, you should study to reveal the profound depths of waza.
6 Do not look upon the dancing of the aji as just dance. Upon their waza are profound waza.

Testament of Uehara Seikichi Sensei

1 I leave ushu-ganashi-bugei (His Majesty's martial art) as bu no mai, contained in my book of the same name.
2 I leave aji-ganashi-bugei (the art of his Highness, Motobu Choyu) to a blood relation of the Motobu family. May they prosper for one thousand years.